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The Sport Pilot program is a new program that makes learning to fly easier, more fun, safer, and more affordable. The new Sport Pilot program enables enthusiasts to learn to fly and gain access to aircraft in almost half the time and for half the cost of previous alternatives.

What is required to obtain a Sport Pilot License?

IF you are an aviation enthusiast seeking your first pilot certificate, the sport pilot certificate provides the easeiest and least costly way to fly for fun and recreation.
The minimum required flight training time for the different light sport aircraft categores are:
**Indicates a program offered at Sterling**

  • **Airplane: 20 hours**
  • Powered Parachute: 12 hours
  • Weight-Shift-Control (Trikes): 20 hours
  • Glider: 10 Hours
  • Rotorcraft (gyroplane only): 20 hours
  • Lighter-Than-Air: 20 hours (airship) or 7 hours (baloon)

To earn a Sport Pilot Certificate, one must:

  • Be at least 16 to become a student sport pilot (14 for gliders)
  • Be at least 17 to test for a Sport Pilot Certificate (16 for gliders)
  • Be able to read, write, and understand Engish
  • Hold a current and valid U.S. driver’s license as evidence of medical eligibility (provided the FAA didntg’ deny, revoke, or suspend your last medical certificate application). Alternatively, you can also use a third class airman’s medical to establish medical fitness.
  • Pass an FAA sport pilot knowledge test.

Cost breakdown of getting your Sport License:

Please note that the below quoted prices are approximates. Everyone learns at their own pace and prices can vary.
Aircraft (Remos GX)$2100.00
Books & Supplies$400.00
FAA Exams$495.00
Total Cost$3445.00