Sterling Flight
Soaring above the rest...

Why you should choose Sterling Flight as opposed to other flight schools

Although there are many things that make us different the following are some of the most important things we offer.

Trips: We offer trips that allow you to broaden your knowledge base while splitting the cost with other students. Photos from these trips can be found in the Photos section.

Airport: The Concord Airport (KCCR) is one of the best airports to learn to fly at. This airport allows you to learn at a towered airport without the high traffic volume that you find at all other airports in the area and it is close to designated practice areas. Additionally the local weather allows for year round training.

Instructors: Our team of instructors may seem small, but they are the best around. We do not hire instructors that are looking to build time in order to get a job as an airline pilot, instead our instructors are teaching because it is a passion of theirs. This process has allowed us to achieve a 95% pass rate for our students.

Aircraft: We have a very diverse training fleet. We offer Cirrus, Cessna, and Piper training aircraft. Additionally we have an on-site FAA repair station which allows us to keep our aircraft well maintained.

We offer the following programs to domestic students:

Sport Pilot Training

Private Pilot Training

Cirrus Training

Instrument Training

Commercial Training

Multi-Engine Training

Full Proffesional Program


We are currently in the process of developing this program and hope to have it up and running soon. Please check back in the future or contact us for more information.